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My voice is not loud enough when im talking after new ROM.

1.) Model Number LG Vortex VS660
2.) Firmware Version 2.3.7
3.) Baseband Version m76xxtsncjplym-6038
4.) Kernel Version ?
5.) Build Number ? Gingerbread 2.3.7 (CM7)

Searched the forum, cant find ANYTHING.

I have an LG Vortex that i rooted and installed CyanogenMod 7 on, it texts fine, i can recieve calls, but when i talk back, my voice is really quiet. I had to call a friends phone, put it on speaker, and my voice could barely be heard on speakerphone, obviously the microphone works, but is there a way to turn it up that im just not seeing?

What should i do? Never had a problem like this before.


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