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need advice-have LG Shine Plus,bought DesireZ for gift or gift my old phone

I need some help here from people who are addicted to android phones or smart phones in general. So about 5 months ago I got my first smart phone from Telus (the LG Shine Plus) got it because I was less than 2 yrs into my 3yr contract and wanted to get a student plan before they expired so I paid full price minus $100 to get the Shine plus for $199. Anyways I've been really happy with the phone, and everything that I can do with Android. I've since rooted the phone, and installed Barnacle, moved, lost my home internet connection and converted to only using my 3g connection through Telus tethering my Shine Plus to my laptop. It has worked almost flawlessly for everything I've needed it for, except being not the fastest phone and it does lag at times when I'm doing some things with it.

So my gf is on Koodo with a 2yr old LG Banter (dumb phone with a keyboard) she is not sure that she can go to a phone without a keyboard, but she would like to get a smartphone soon since her brother just got the HTC Legend which she really likes. So anyways I went and bought the HTC Desire Z. I'm not sure whether I want to keep it for me and give her my Shine Plus. (Honestly the keyboard is way better on the shine plus after using the one on the Desire Z in the Futureshop store). We've only been together for 2 months. I paid full price for the Desire Z and some accessories, with tax ended up $620 something. I'm going to school right now and will have to get a job or sell some parts cars to pay for some of this, but I'm undecided on whether to keep the phone for me or give it to her and keep the Shine for me.

I am more into modding and customizing, like rooting and custom roms, she is not going to do that at all. The Shine plus had to be rooted to install barnacle so i could tether for school usage. I paid for a USB tether app, but after wiping the phone to install a custom rom i lost the paid version of the app which allows secure sites such as my school sites to work. By that time I had rooted and started to use Barnacle which i found much better anyways.

With 2.2 on the Desire Z I dont have to worry about that if I keep it. 2.2 is supposed to be coming for the Shine plus but I have to revert back to stock 2.1 which won't work for tethering without paying a 2nd time for USB tethering(can't even remember the name of the app I was using) to be able to install the OTA update if and when it ever does actually come.

So I need help deciding whether to keep the Desire Z for me or give it to my gf and keep the underdog phone the Shine Plus which has almost no support for upgrading with root and custom roms, etc. Either way the Desire Z has to be unlocked to work on either Telus or Koodo. I'm on Telus she is on Koodo. Probably she will end up switching to Telus with me.
Your question is a bit too much human factor to be honest. You only know her for two months. If your relationship isnt that deep, give her the LG Shine Plus ( Ally on GSM to the Americans wondering). Keep the Desire Z unless you both are planning to get married in which case the better half gets the better phone. Just my personal opinion but this question is truly up to you.
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You are definitely right i have to make the decision myself. I think my gf is probably willing to pay off her $60 remaining koodo tab and take a 3yr contract to get a cheap phone. I have already unlocked the desirez and punched in the apn settings from my shine and used it with my telus sim last night. I'm kind of disappointed after using my shine plus.

The only improvements for me were the speed and screen size and wifi hotspot without rooting. I find the keyboard very difficult to use compared to the shine. The top row up against the top part of the phone is the top row of letters crowding your fingers. The shines top row is numbers. Also the buttons are very stiff. To me its not worth it to have the keyboard on this phone i would prefer the regular desire or preferably a larger screen like the desire hd when its out.

I like my keyboard on the shine plus but i would not buy another phone with a physical keyboard unless it was the same as this one. A 4.3" screen and touch screen will probably suffice.

Also i don't like the ui compared to the shine.
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