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Need Advice: Looking to Customize Home Screen


Dec 17, 2009
Just bought my droid and LOVIN' IT...but I'm looking to tweak it a little more.

So far, I'm really diggin' the home screens that a lot of you guys have posted on this site, and I'm trying to emulate them but it's a little difficult for me to do. I'd really appreciate it if you guys can lead me to the right direction on which apps and customizations I need to employ to get those similar settings.

I'm mainly lookin to do 2 things:
1.) get my home screen to have the time, date, and weather widget, while putting my favorite icons around it.
--for this I downloaded Home++ and weather forecast widgets v2
However, I really don't like how the default time and date and bottom icons look that comes with the Home++. A lot of you guys have the screen that looks like the HTC Sense UI. It's awesome! How can I get my droid to look like this???

2.) I'm currently employing the 3 screen setting (which I like).
I would like to put a full size calendar on the left screen so that I can flick it over whenever I need to take a look.
Is this possible? And is there an app/widget that can do this?

Sorry for the long post...THANKS IN ADVANCE!!
Lovin' the sweet phone!!
You'd need to use a home replacement that has full theme support. Home++ doesn't have themes right now. GDE - I think - puts the phone icon there by default, and there is probably a theme you can get that will make it look like HTC Sense UI. The Pure Calendar widget is the best calendar widget I've seen, and I believe it has a 4x4 (full screen) sized widget. If you don't want to pay for it, CalWidget has different sizes as well.
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