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Root NEED HELP! Rooting from Android 2.1 on a MAC

I've been researching the possibilities of rooting my Motorola Droid for some time now (against the strong recommendation that I don't from my girlfriend, who works for Best Buy as Mobile Rep); I want to root primarily to utilize the tethering capabilities of the rooted Droid (I'm a touring musician and it's always nice to have the web on the road)

My Dilemma:
Of all the information I've dug through, it seems there are only guides, FAQs, tutorials and walkthroughs for rooting Android on IBM PC via Windows. I'm on OSX user on a MacBook Pro. Anyone have any suggestions!?
The only step that requires Windows is flashing the .sbf file.

Unfortunately, the program required to do that, RSD Lite, is a Windows only app.

So, you'll have to borrow a friend's PC for that step (or if you have it, use parallels or boot camp w/e)

That's kind of what I figured I'd have to do; thanks for the suggestion, friend!
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The easiest thing to do is get a PC

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