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Help Need help with Galaxy S6 Edge + and 2013 Toyota Rav4


Jun 30, 2013
I recently bought a 2013 Toyota Rav4. Almost immediately, I noticed that a song on my phone would begin playing when I would start the car or after making a phone call. It would start even if I have the radio turned off. I wnet to the local Toyota service center. They guy tried for 5-10 min, trying to turn off this feature (bug). He suggested I turn off the Bluetooth audio. Nah uh!!! I want to listen to Pandora or Rhapsody. On the way home. I stopped and deleted that song. It worked, but does that mean I can't have playlists? If so, this is an unacceptable solution. Surely, there has to be a way to fix this! I mean, the radio should go back to the state it was in BEFORE the phone call. I don't think I'm asking for the world here. I checked all the settings both on the radio interface and on my phone to no avail.


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