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Need purchase advice for the Droid phone.

Hello to all that respond,
I have been a verizon customer for many years now and I have never owned a smart phone. I am currently waiting for my contract to end because I want an IPhone. Now that the Droid has come out and I have seen some of the amazing features that the Droid offers, I might be changing my mind and staying with verizon.
The questions that I have are for mainly the IPhone converters to the Droid and the first is:
1) Was it worth changing to the Droid from the IPhone?
2) knowing what you know know, would you do it again?
3) Is the service that much better from ATT to Verizon?

Thanks in advance to those that respond
From what I'm coming to understand, AT&T's coverage may be getting a bad rep due to poor reception issues with the iPhone itself. I'm currently on AT&T, with a Motorola Q, and reside in the DC/Balt. corridor. From New England to North Carolina, I can only recall (2) specific areas on the highway where I've lost connection. I've never found myself on the "Edge" network, and even had full bars on the beach in a small town on the Jersey shore.

That said, I was waiting to upgrade to a "Tilt 2" on AT&T, and in the AT&T store, I noticed the Tilt 2 dropping to half bars just by picking it up off the stand.

I contrast, I was new to Verizon with the Droid, and after going thru two to resolve poor signal, and "no connection" issues, I cancelled after two weeks, even though I loved the device/OS, and speedy browsing, when the signal was good. In my town alone, I dropped connection in at least 4 spots while my Q regularly holds full bars. I think its an issue with the Droid rather than network.

FWIW, I'm looking to pick up a "Milestone" when available in the US, for use on T-Mo (just confirming I'm not partial to network). If I have to use just "one" phone, I'd want it to work outside of the US, and be able to hold phone conv. while using data (work purposes/IT field).
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I'm also a previous iPhone user. Currently, I live in Iowa, close to two major cities--only one of them has 3g, and of course it's the one I go to less often. In the week before switching to a droid, my call drop rate was up to about 40%, and on the day before I switched, I had dropped every single phone call I made. I know that I live in a generally "rural" area, because this is Iowa, but given that I live near a major university, and don't have to go into the country to get there, to me, this was unnacceptable.

After the first few days, there are few things that I miss about the iPhone, and VZW's service is AMAZING. I've had 3g everywhere I go, including in the middle of heavily bricked buildings.

Yes, I would do it all over again. I got my husband to make the switch this past weekend, and by the next day, he was texting me asking why he had resisted the switch to Verizon so much.
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My wife currently has the iPhone and I had the Bold before jumping to the Droid. I can attest that the terrible coverage is not confined to just the iPhone. My Bold reception was pathetic. Dropped calls in my house, on the road and zero reception at work. Never had one dropped call with the Droid anywhere. The iPhone is a great device but the Droid is even better, in my opinion.
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I made a move to the Droid from a Verizon Blackberry, but I've been able to use a company-owned iPhone for several months recently. I think the Motorola compares very favorably. The 'Apple experience' has its upsides and cool factor, but I never liked having to jailbreak the phone to multitask and get access to some apps. Android's open model works better for me as a gadget guy & IT consultant.

But for me, the network was by far the biggest factor in going Verizon. I didn't have too much trouble with data, but the dropped calls on AT&T infuriated me. Often during busy times like Friday rush hour, I'd be disconnected from a call despite having several bars. Also, the iPhone had terrible building penetration in my experience. I can't count how many times I was in the back of a large store like Target & had to walk to the front by the windows to get a signal. All the cool apps in the world don't matter if I can't make a phone call whenever and wherever I want. With Verizon I never experience drops, and I don't recall ever going anywhere that I lost signal, including the server room at work. Of course this stuff is highly locational, so your mileage may vary. Try to find some friends/neighbors/coworkers with Verizon to see how the service is in your area.

Since I've owned by Droid for about a month now, the other thing I wouldn't give up is the higher res screen. I've got one of the 3rd gen iPod Touch models, and it looks almost blurry next to the Droid's screen. Being able to surf the web without so much zooming and scrolling is great. My wife has a Droid Eris, and it's screen also pales in comparison (though it's a very cool phone).

I highly recommend the Droid but I do recommend that you check one out in the store. I like the weight and sturdy feel, but some people might think it's too bulky.
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