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Need some advice on where to get a new phone


Sep 26, 2010
Hi and thanks in advance for the help!

I've been watching for new phones ever since I got my DX. I went from a D2 to the DX a couple of months ago, and the buttons on the DX are still driving me crazy since I got used to the touch buttons on the D2. I've been watching for a new phone that is a mix of the two since I really want the bigger screen of the DX but the touch buttons of the D2. I'm eligible for another upgrade in about three weeks, which looks like right around the time the Incredible HD is coming out, and it looks like that's going to have the best of both from the pics I've seen, i.e., same size screen and also touch buttons.

My first question is does it matter where you buy the phone? I've always bought mine from Verizon, but the stuff I'm seeing says BestBuy and other retailers are going to really be pushing the new Incredible for Black Friday. I checked BestBuy for pricing on the DX, and it was the same price I paid for mine from Verizon, $199 with a two-year contract. I can't tell from the BestBuy site if that means you have to be eligible for a phone upgrade or if you can do that at any time as long as you're willing to sign up for another two years. Is there an advantage to getting the phone somewhere other than Verizon? Are the features or anything else different, e.g., will I be able to remove all the stupid stuff I never use, like Skype, if I don't buy it from Verizon?

The second question is do any of you know whether the new Incredible is 4G and/or has a super amoled display? We already have 4G coverage here, so I was hoping to hold out for a 4G phone with a super amoled display, then give my DX to my husband. The information on the new Incredible that I've found is so limited, and even though there are a lot of hits in a Google search, most of them just give the same very limited information.


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