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New Android phone owner, from Canada


Sep 5, 2011
Hello, I'm Philipp, and I’m relatively new to the smartphone market. For the past 5 years or so I've only been using relatively cheap pre-paid phones and recently I got rid of my homeline, so I realized a plan would be more cost-effective in the long run. And with a plan came an option of nice shiny phones. I found the iPhone 4 to be a bit too expensive, the iPhone 3 to be a bit old, so I settled on an HTC Wildfire S. I... tried to include a wikipedia link to the device's details, but the forum is blocking me. Oh well.

I heard a lot of good thing about android, about how it can match everything iPhone does for a better price, and even beat it in many aspects. I’ve owned a 1st gen iPad (wifi only) and a little 8 GB iPod Touch, and they were Ok… I did notice the occasional sync bugs with my Windows system. I really really really wanted Android to be everything people claimed it to be. I really wanted it to be able to succeed. I’m sorry though… I have to say this is a horrible device.

The thing has more bugs than any other device I can bring to mind, it’s far less stable than any iOS device I’ve seen. The default music player is questionable, and the best suggested alternative music-playing apps just add more bugs to the experience. I’m hoping that I can resolve all the problems I’ve been facing on this device by getting help on this site. And I’m REALLY hoping that the problems have to do with my device, and that not all of Android is like this. Because if it is… I’m switching back to iOS or Blackberry the first chance I get.

I hope I didn’t offend any Android fans with this post, but I’m just being honest, this thing really isn’t worth it’s purported 250$.
This is a very candid site and your opinion is always respected. I do believe you will find that with the help of these forums you will be more than happy with your Android device. It's the ability to edit the phone to be what you want that gives it a leg up on the iphone devices. That is just my opinion though. We have a section here just for your Wildfire S that should be of true interest to you. It is there that all the Wildfire people hang out and exchange tips as well as offer up support. I hope you will find these forums useful and can gain an appreciation for your Android device.
HTC Wildfire S - Android Forums
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Thanks, I did find the Wildfire S section, and I've posted my first question there already.

I'm particularly sore about it because it's a 5 dollar app I just bought, and it's stuck mid-download. I'm sure it'll solve itself eventually (I hope). It's just really annoying when it happens, and it's happening RIGHT now. lol

But I digress, I know this section isn't for problem-solving or whining. Worst comes to worse I think I can trade in my little 'Fire for another Android. I just want to make sure that the problems I face are isolated to that model.
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