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new here.. a few questions?


May 21, 2010
I have a Mytouch 3G running on AT&T, will I still get the 2.1 update? How do these things work?.... I am a bit out of my element with this, I tried to root my phone and failed miserably. I switched from an iPhone and right now I have to say I honestly hate this phone right now because it freezes all the time, it's practically unusable. I love the way it looks and how its totally customizable, but god it is so slow I want to throw it across the room.. it reminds me of an old PC bogged down with viruses. any suggestions for that? Thank you :)
You won't get an OTA update, since that will be coming from T-Mobile and you're not on their network to receive it, but it's possible that the update will get uploaded somewhere and then you can install it manually.

Otherwise, keep trying to root it. It's not ever going to be as responsive as an iPhone with the stock 1.6 ROM on it. I'm not even sure the 2.1 update will improve matters, since it will likely still be under-clocked.
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I was afraid of that. when it comes to downloading stuff to this phone it kicks my butt. I 'rooted' my iphone so easily, and I was hoping for the same for this one but it's like a foreign language. I might just try to find a more powerful android phone :(

IMHO, you're probably not going to find too much better on a GSM network. The best Android phones are on Verizon.
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