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Root New JDLFG kernels are out, w/CPU temps


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Oct 6, 2009
jdlfg kernels v32.2.3 kernels for cm6rc2 and Lithiummod 800-1298 all stable and tested - CyanogenMod Forum

Just released this AM. From JDLFG:

UPDATED 8-2-2010 v.32.2.3 Expanded lineup of kernels compiled from the newest source aosp including (SGX,p3droids,cvpcs) tempmonitor fix.
All kernels have been totally redone including voltages and freqs as well as tweeks to enable a quicker bootup.Stay tunned for an addition of modules within the day.

Gah, I wish he'd start a new thread there. I think I downloaded his first gen kernels, and I somehow ended up flashing 6.0RC1 on my phone (pretty sure I just selected the wrong file from my sdcard).

Gives me a reason to test out a nightly though :)
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Yeah...I installed on CM6 and had wifi broken as well, along with got really high CPU temps (could have cooked an egg).

Bizarre...JDLFG have always been the best kernel for me in the past - I tried the 900 and 1050, and couldn't run either, and wifi was broken on both. Very surprising.
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I just tried these new jdflg kernels (1100, 1150 and 1225 mhz). Each of these CPU speeds loaded for me just fine, but they all reported CPU temp at a constant -1C, so CPU reporting did not work for me on BB v0.4. This is so weird! Did anyone else experience this?

I experienced that on CM6RC2 with the 1050, I then installed the 1266 and it worked but my phone was not stable at that speed. I'm now running the 950 and everything seems to be working fine.
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