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New LG rumored coming to USC

She likes her current LG (not an android), but it's starting to have problems. We can upgrade now, and she IS somewhat interested in going 'droid... but likes how LG lays out their product.

One thing she REALLY wants is a slide out keyboard. The Acclaim has one, but she didn't like the one I was using before i switched to the Desire. And switching services is NOT an option...
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USCC is releasing 2 LG phones before the end of the year. One with a large screen and one that will have the slide out keyboard you want.

I know one is called the LG Optimus (I wish they called it Optimus Prime ha). I found these on google...

Here is the LG Ally (this is the phone that is rumored to be the second LG Android)

Am I 100% these are the phones? no. Am i very confident they are? yes.

Hope that helps.
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