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New Phone User Wanting to Learn Some Tricks...

Hello! So I've just started using my Samsung Galaxy S3 on Verizon and there were a few things I couldn't figure out (I did a Google search on these as well and didn't come up with anything):

1. When I plug in my headphones it goes to the headphone screen which shows the Google Music Player by default. I'm wanting to default to Player Pro/Spotify but I can't seem to figure out how to change it.

2. I can't figure out how to setup the gesture/face recognition to unlock my phone...

3. I want my bookmarks from Google to show up on my phone but I can't figure out how to sync them...

4. I'm looking for a program that lets me set multiple alarms

5. I'm looking for a program that automatically updates the data usage (I have an app but I have to press on it and wait for it to update itself)

6. I'm looking for a program that will show the number of voicemails on my home screen.

Hi fulldarby, congrats on your new S3!

I used the following links for some general tips and information:

50 Samsung Galaxy S3 tips and tricks - Opinion - Trusted Reviews
S3 Tips, Tricks, Battery Life (Everything you wanted to know about your Galaxy S3) - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com
Galaxy S III Starter Guide | Samsung Mobile Article

Hope you'll find some of your answers, and perhaps some new tricks in those.

Re: Q1: If you go into Application Manager and select the music app you want, you should be able to set it as default. Or open the music app you want and go through its internal settings.

Re: Q2: If you're using Android 4.3: Go to settings > My device > lock screen > Screen Lock. You can select from swipe, face, face and voice, pattern, pin or PW unlock.

Re: Q3: download the chrome browser for your phone and once you log into google, you should be able to import your bookmarks.

Re: Q4: the stock alarm clock should let you set up as many alarms as possible.

Re: Q5 and Q6: I'm not really sure.

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Hi congrats are buying an awesome phone! Most of your questions were already answered but I'll take a stab at a few of them.

Q1. I don't know if you can make a different player start automatically when you plug in your head phones. But if you go into settings and disable page buddy that will stop the stock player from starting.

Q3. I'm using the stock browser (not Chrome) and my bookmarks sync between my pc and my phone. Go into your Google account settings (on the phone) make sure sync internet is checked.

Q5. Go to settings> data usage to see how much data you're using. No need to install an app unless you want a widget on the home screen.

Q6. My S3 does this, but I'm using the stock TW launcher still. There is a little number on my voice mail app icon that shows how many voicemails I have.
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The other members have answered most of you questions, but I wanted to put in my $.02 regarding Q5. I've been using an app called Traffic Monitor by Radioopt. Data usage is automatic and what I specifically like about it is that it'll provide data usage by both wifi and wireless. That's particularly useful for me since my home internet usage (via satellite) and wireless service are both bandwidth capped.

Last month, my wife's phone had a rouge app consume four times as much bandwidth as she normally uses. We came close to going over on our wireless service. The app pinpointed the app immediately and we deleted it. No more problems.

Anyway... good luck with your new phone. You picked a good one.
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