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Help New SD Card Won’t Mount

I have bought a new 16 GB SanDisk SD card for my Samsung Galaxy S (GT-I9000, Android 2.3.6). Using my computer, I uploaded my music and some pictures. Then, I first mounted the SD card to my Samsung tablet and copied the music files to it, because it has enough free space. After copying was completed, I ejected the card and finally inserted it into my smartphone. But when I went to My Files, the external_sd folder was empty and no music files appeared in the Music app. I went to the settings and manually clicked Mount SD card, and a notification Preparing SD card appeared and disappeared shortly afterwards, but nothing happened. I again inserted the card into my computer only to find out that it was damaged, and I had to format it. I tried again with copying my files to the card, but it still doesn’t work when I insert it into my phone.
Before this SD card I have been using another one and never had issues.

Does anyone know how to fix this? If you have any further questions, do ask.


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