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New to forums and LG Motion


Dec 24, 2013
Howdy. Merry Christmas to all on the forum. My daughter got an iPhone 4 that we just put on MetroPCS, so I "inherited" her old MetroPCS LG Motion phone. I just spent the last few hours rooting the device and reading the thread on how to use the 2nd init apk to boot to recovery and back up the OS. Great job everyone!

I have much more to learn about the custom ROMS and other things possible with this phone. I look forward to interacting with you, learning from you and maybe (?!) contributing to the forums.

I have done rooting and installing custom ROMS on Toshiba Thrive tablets, Kindle Fire tablets and Nook 16GB tablets, so I've had my successes and failures with Android devices.

This is my first foray into the Android phone arena.

Thanks for your time. Happy holidays!

Ken :)


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