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New Version of Google Maps: Description in Parenthesis Option Gone


Nov 3, 2011
I have an LG Optimus F3. It has updated to the newer Google Maps (not sure the version number, doing this in December 2013). Since doing so, among other things I have noticed that starred favorites it imported that are based on coordinates no longer show the description in the parenthesis as they did before--you just see a sea of numbers that you can't tell what they're for. Also if you enter coordinates & a description inside parenthesis as before, it rejects it, only accepting an entry with the numbers only.

I do a lot of GPS'ing with coordinates, and this is a major problem for me.

How do you fix this?
I take it you are talking about they only show the Deg, Mins, Secs coordinates and not the decimal version of the same.

Looks like they have removed that feature. You can send feedback asking them to restore it. I did that with the Labs measure tool they removed earlier and never got a response though.

The decimal version, in parentheses, still shows up when viewing Google maps on the web site. Just go to https://maps.google.com and if you are signed in under the same gmail as your phone click the my places button on the top left hand side of the page. Click the starred button and you will see all your starred locations in Degs and decimal. On your phones browser it's the same address, just tap the down arrow on the right and tap My places.

As a last resort, there are apps in the Play store such as GPS Converter
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No, that's not it. I already enter coordinates in degrees format, as in ddd.ddddd, not degrees/minutes/seconds, but degrees only.

What I mean is that you can, when doing so, also put parenthesis on the end with a "friendly name" and then the spot is referenced by this friendly name, rather than just "some spot on the map." So in other words rather than just searching for 34.6056 -92.6192 you would search for 34.6056 -92.6192 (Home) and then when it showed the spot on the map you'd see "Home" by the balloon "pointer" icon, rather than the numbers or "spot on map" or whatever. Also, if you "starred" it to make it a "My Places" listing, then the listing would have "Home" as the label. Now, it just has the digits.

(This is apparently a workaround that someone found a while back, during a time when Google Maps removed the ability to specifically rename a favorite, a STUPID feature to have removed, and I mean just STUPID.)

Apparently the PC/web version of Google Maps, unless you revert to "classic," works like this too, and someone said this preview version doesn't have all the classic features. This is a feature that MUST make its way once what we now call "preview" replaces "classic" and becomes the new norm. This is a MAJOR missing feature, enough I'd even uninstall Google Maps from the phone and use something else (like Bing or whatever if there's an app). In the meantime, I've uninstalled the updated Maps on my phone and had it revert to the factory version, and it's staying that way until this is addressed.
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I'm a bit late to the discussion, but I wanted to point out the last few updates to the Maps app have had some nice features stupidly removed.
  1. I can no longer access the "My Places > My Maps" like I can in a browser on a PC
  2. If I hit a Google Maps URL, and choose to open it in Maps, none of my locations are marked; if I choose to open it in Chrome I can see the locations

Why oh why must you muck with stuff that works, Google?
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An update to this now old thread. I was able to "flash back" to version 6.

Thankfully I managed to download the 6.14.1 version from appsapk and the 6.9 version from androiddrawer. (I'm not sure exactly sure what the most recent version 6 is.)

These .apk files are on my SD card under other such .apk files and I've changed the setting to allow me to install 3rd party apps (some call it "sideloading") so I was able to revert back to version 6 (again, not sure how it compares to the most current version of 6 I presumably had before). If it dares change over to version 7 somehow on its own (it shouldn't, I have auto-update apps switched off), I can zap version 7 back into the gutter it came out of. Happy days are here again.
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