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Newbie question about GPS tracking, or maybe about phone sleeping


May 27, 2010
Just bought the htc Desire Android 2.1 phone.

What an amazing piece of technology.

What I want to do is use it to record where I have been on a map. I have downloaded three apps which all purport to do this - OpenGPS, Maverick, and My Tracks. They all do the same thing. They will record my first 5 minutes of travel, and then nothing more is recorded.

Is this because my phone puts itself to sleep after 5 minutes, and the apps stop running? If so, why don't the apps stop the phone sleeping? More to the point, how can I fix the problem?

If this isn't the cause, can anybody tell me what is going on and fix it? All I want is a map display of where I have been that day, nothing too complicated.


Peter Webb


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