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Help Nexus 4 can't be detected by pc

Hi all,my problem is that PC doesn't detect the Nexus 4 via usb. I tried with different cables,USB debugging on/off turn the phone into Safe mode i did factory reset and still nothing.I tried to connect it to another PCs still nothing only usb charging is working.
Only if i connect the usb to USB 3.0 the Windows detect "unknown device" i tried to update the driver with nexus 4 driver,still nothing it cannot install it.
*I tried to connect the phone to clean Windows,still nothing.
*I reinstalled ADB/SDK nothing(Everything was up to date).
*I tried different ports still nothing.
*I tried with different pcs(different OS) still nothing.
*I connected the other phones to my pc to check the usb ports and software and everything is fine.

*The phone worked fine until now.
Please help me.

Thank you,
The only thing I can think is that there is a problem with the USB port on the phone :(

I've had a few issues with USB connections but it has always been down to a dodgy USB cable. The phone has never been the problem (touchwood ;)).

If I were you, I would contact Google Support about getting the phone repaired.
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The OP should verify that any case or skin is not interfering with the usb connection by not allowing a full seat, otherwise it appears that the factory usb cable is defective somehow, a bad wire-to-contact connection, broken wire or corroded/oxidized contact.

I've previously found a broken wire in an otherwise fine-looking cable, age unknown. A simple continuity test with an audible VOM was the tool used.
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