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Nexus S 4G for Sprint?


Mar 21, 2011
When is the date the Nexus S is coming out on Sprint. I see the ads everywhere and especially on the website but none of them give a date. Does anybody know. Also, I have the Evo right now. First question, should I switch to the Nexus S? I think I like it better. Also, how can I get it if Im still under contract with the Evo?
Not ssure about the release date. And as far as switching, that's a personal preference. Choose between HTC Sense or just plain old 2.3 gingerbread. Choose the bloatware over a fresh Google OS. As far as switching physically it depends on whether or not you have an upgrade available. The phone is $200 with an upgrade and probably somewhere around $600 for a no commitment price. Good luck!
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