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NFL Superfan

What type of of network connection? 3G or WiFi? I've watched multiple games on it now, on both network types, and didn't have any problems with freezing or network connections, so I'm wondering if it's something with your location, unless of course you and your friend were both on wifi at the time. If that is the case, I'd look at any other apps you might have running in the background at the same time.

My experience with the app the last two weeks has been flawless, including watching the first half of last Sunday's Bronco's game in the car while driving, never dropping a single frame (I was amazed).

As for bigdroid, I personally can't find anything unimpressive about watching live football from my phone! If you're willing to pay for the superfan subscription, and you're not sitting at home for the game, this is certainly the next best thing.
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I tried it tonight. It was the only app I as bummed to leave behind going to the android. I didn't know it was available. Now I'm happy.

However, when I go to a game to watch live, I get a blank screen. Maybe because it is 9pm MST and the games are over. I will try again next week and give a better opinion. Thanks for the head's up...
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