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No 2.0.1 bandwagon for me!!


Nov 10, 2009
This morning I awoke to a pleasant surprise.....notification that 2.0.1 update was available for download. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon and complaining about things I can change, I will address the positives that I've noticed in the 1 hour that I've had the 2.0.1 update.

1. After the update I no longer had 3G service but a reboot and *228 later, the notification returned and all is well.

2. Even though my Yahoo email account worked prior to the update, I wasn't receiving notifications in my notification area but now I do!

3. Now I am able to surf the web in landscape mode WITHOUT sliding out the keyboard.

4. I haven't really noticed a speed increase that others have reported but my phone was plenty fast already.

So far so good.............

Update: I tried to open the "Gallery" shortcut on the homescreen and received the notification "Application is not installed on device". INSTEAD of panicking, I deleted the shortcut and reinstalled the shortcut and it worked.


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