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Root No Clock or No Throttle or No clock and No Throttle for Liberty 1.5


Android Expert
Aug 10, 2010
Stockton, CA
Take your pick of what you want to apply.

1. Remove only the data throttle:

2. Remove only the clock from the status bar:

3. Remove both data throttle and clock from status bar:

Bravo! So, let me ask you this. If we can remove the data throttle, why do we care if VZW has it? We don't, right?

Well, like fabolous was saying on twitter, right now we are ok with this mod because VZW is not throttling data on the network side, it's being done per device if VZW deems you are using too much data; if VZW decides to do data throttling on the network side for all its users, then we are screwed.

DAMN YOU iPhone!!! :p
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What engadget says about the streaming the Netflix movie worries the shit out of me since I plan on buying the thunderbolt and rumors are that the Netflix app will be coming to the 4g devices. I'm gonna be pissed if the video quality is shit

Maybe the bad quality won't be noticeable on a smaller phone screen? I guess people will find out eventually.
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(Actually, I don't usually don't even make 1 gb because of wifi).

I haven't checked my usage, but I have wifi at home, one nephew's, my mother's and my brother-in-law's house. If I setup their router for them, I'm hookin myself up. :D

My home network is 22x faster than 3G and the less the radio is on, the better my battery life will be.
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Why is it, that with the data throttling hack you cant turn 3g off, or do anythin with the data settings? Everytime u try to enter ur data settings it shows an x by ur bars, indicating no service, n it always does this with every ROM, with every data throttle hack, i may b the only person who turns 3g off, but is there a way around this or what?
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