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Non-sim card CDMA Phone Recommendation


Sep 14, 2013

New to the whole smartphone thing and was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction. Have tested out an Iphone 4S and grew to really enjoy everything about it. The weight, feel, programs, the layout of the programs, etc. Anything you guys can recommend in the $300 price point similar to a 4S? I'm looking for a prepaid phone that doesn't use a sim card. All the Samsung's seem to have a sim and the Iphone 4, though it doesn't come with a SC, I hear is outdated and worth passing on. So any suggestions you guys can throw this way would be great.

Not sure where the previous post went, but to answer your question: Yea', unfortunately, it does have to be CDMA. The service provider requires it a phone that doesn't have a sim card.

I was -this- close to buying an Iphone 4 until I saw the Nexus 4. Looks really nice. May still pick up a 4, though, as it'll probably take me ages to find a decent phone without a sim. So many out on the market and no real way to search for specifics, which I guess is why I'll probably have to settle for older technology. Unless, again, anyone can come through with a recommendation.
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