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Root Nonsensikal 10.8.1 Battery Drain Issues

I've always had good battery life on it.
I unplugged my phone at 5:30 this morning, have used it lightly so far today, and still show 87% charge. Typically by the end of the day it's somewhere in the 40's when I plug it in at 10pm. Note that I don't use Facebook at all, and it seems common to hear complaints about the FB widget sucking up battery as it syncs data.
Also, I've turned off all animations and have the screen brightness set down to about 30% (auto off). I do have a weather widget (Weatherbug), a moon phase widget and a calendar widget on my home screens.
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The first things that I check when I have battery drain:

- as mhotovec said, screen brightness. I generally keep mine automatic, but sometimes I will find it set to 100% for some odd reason (though that never happened to me with Nonsensikal, it's happened with other ROMs)
- is there an automatic sync loop that keeps syncing constantly?
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