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Help Normal for 3G to drop to 1x then go back to 3G moments later?


Dec 4, 2009
I know the this issue has been discussed before, and here is my dilemma. I bought mine on the 2nd of December and everything about my phone is perfect. Theres nothing wrong with it in anyway other then this signal revolving issue. I am almost afraid to change it out because I could end up with a sub par one next to what I had.

My phone will be 3G most of the time but I notice several times a night at home, and every now and then at work, it will drop 3G and go to 1x, sometimes for only a matter of seconds, or sometimes for a few minutes at a time. At home I am roughly 1-2 miles from the tower and about 1 mile from the tower at work.

Can anyone shed some advice on which direction I should take here? Or maybe shed some light on whether this is an issue with all devices or anything.

Thank you for your time!
It's been happening to a lot of people. I think it's normal, and I'm unsure whether it is a software issue (it wasn't really addressed/fixed in 2.0.1) or just a lousy antenna. I don't think it's something you'd want to return the phone for. The only reason I noticed it was by actually looking at the status bar. It has never really interfered with my data connection since it's usually back to 3G so quickly. I listen to Internet radio a lot and the songs never stop to buffer or pause, though I know for a fact the phone sometimes switches to 1x.
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