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Help Not able to play any media file on U8110


Oct 26, 2011
I have Huawei U8110 and I'm not able to play any media file :(
On other side telephone conversations work fine.
When somebody call me, phone vibrates but not playing ring-tone. Music player showing that song is playing but I cannot hear any sound even media volume is 100%.
What should I do to to fix this problem?
My phone is rooted and with original Eclair 2.1 ROM.
Please assist.
Its hard to understand what you mean.

Phones wont play music while ringing though, if that'd what you mean. Check music player settings for options to pause music or over ride music when phone rings.

My point was that I cannot hear any sound from phone laud speaker. When I connect head set all sound are there.
Is that software or hardware problem.
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