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Not able to setup/ connect to my G-mail Account

Hi All,

I am using Samsung Vibrant (SGH-T959) unlocked piece in India and getting some issue with the device.

1. Unable to connect to Market as I'm not able to setup G-mail account.
2. GPRS is functioning correctly while accessing the links from broweser but not able to use any application which is based on gmail account?

I get "cannot access g-mail servers"

Please help...

Thank you,


When I enter my G-mail account and password, it takes me to the screen which says:
Your phone needs to communiate with google servers to set up ur account. This may take up five mins and after sometime i get the error message.

The error is "Cant establish a reliable data coonection to the server".

Please help,


1. Are you rooted?
2. Have you been playing with the system apps on the phone?
3. Is the phone brand new?

If the phone is brand new then just do a hard reset, if not the I will maybe move your thread to the Samsung section and maybe they will have a solution for you.

For Motorola Milestone there is a fix for it, but I am pretty sure it will not work on a Samsung.
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If you are using basic GPRS or WAP, I do not think Android will connect, other than the browser. AFAIK you need internet mobile connect. I suggest you use wi-fi to set-up / use if you do not wish to enable internet mobile connect.

If anybody has suggestions on how to use the WAP APN, please help. I cannot even select it on my phone.
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