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Help Note 2 won't read WD Passport


Note 2 is able to read most USB devices via the OTG cable except WD Passport.
When connected, Note 2 found "USB storage is empty".

Please help.

Thank you.


In the Passport user guide (in pdf):


Linux/Android is not listed as a compatible operating system.

Perhaps there's an app or hardware interface.. I'd check in Play Store first for an app/widget that causes Android to see that type of storage apparatus.
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The reason it is not compatible is because it uses NTFS format. You can get Android to work with NTFS, but it requires rooting.

The other way around this is to reformat the drive to exFAT. Just format it like any other hard drive. Shouldn't be too complicated. Just back up your data before doing a reformat on the drive.

I have an external 1TB drive that I reformatted from NTFS to exFAT to make it compatible between the Notes, desktop and notebook. Also, exFAT does away with the limitations associated with FAT32. So much better at handling larger file sizes.
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Reformatted to exFat and worked on N2.
But now my LG blue ray won't read it. Used to work with NTFS format.
What now?

What OS are you using? ExFAT works fine with my Windows computers and Notes. I am currently using Win7 x64 Ultimate and Home Premium. If you are using XP, I think you will need additional drivers for it because I think exFAT was introduced with Vista.

Not sure about Linux. I'm almost certain Apple doesn't support it since it's developed by Microsoft.
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