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Help Notification bar in galaxy s2 font is black in grey background hard to see


Aug 30, 2011
HI there the title says it all, the text fonts for many of my applications is in black on a dark grey background in the notification bar and its driving me nuts. I have a galaxy S2, i think i downloaded fontomizer which might have changed the colour settings i'm not sure but i tried using the default font again but it didnt change the colour of the text to white.

I looked around in the thread and saw some threads which suggested people used handcent which solved my above problem. I however have not used handcent and from what i know atm its just a texting service right?

please help me with this problem, help will be gladyly appreciated
I think it did change it. The standard notification bar is white text on a dark grey background. I would go back to standard settings to verfiy first by uninstalling fontimiser or at the extreme a factory reset then go through process of elimination to find which one is changing the notification bar?
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