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Ntelos Hero.... Info about 2.1??

Hey everyone. New to the boards, but I have been a hero user for about three months now. I have been watching and waiting like many of us for 2.1, however I am wondering if the sprint update will work with my ntelos phone. I know the history between the two companies, so I am just wondering what is the deal before I try to install. Any feedback is welcomed.
No, from what I have read about other Sprint updates it will probably render your phone unusable due to differences in the radio settings and such. Best to wait a few weeks for Ntelos to put out their 2.1 update. I called them earlier this week and was told that they have been trained on it, have tested it, and are awaiting the release within a few weeks. Perhaps, given some extra time, they will provide a much less buggy version than the Sprint version as well..
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I emailed Ntelos about the 2.1 release and the rep replied back with this for whatever it's worth (hopefully it's true) ;

"Thank you for your inquiry, sorry for the delay on response, I have
spoke with tech support and they have advised me that the 2.1 software
release is going to be available within the next few weeks. They are not
advising to use the Sprint upgrade, that it may affect the device. Have
a good day."
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