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Help Official or leaked 2.1?


Apr 18, 2010
Well, I've been running the leaked version of 2.1 and root and have had little to no issues. I'm not really motivated to get the official release. My feeling is SDX will make a fix for whatever issues might come up and Sprint would likely be slower to respond. just my opinion.

Who has stayed with the leaked version and who has changed from the leaked to official 2.1? Why? Are you satisfied with the decision?
I switched and I'm using Joey's customer kernel. I would switch, because nobody is going to support DD10 anymore. They have the source code for DE03. DE03 with Joey's kernel seems to have much better battery life than any of the other builds. I've only had the customer kernel since yesterday morning, but it seems much better. I just updated this morning to his latest and greatest so we'll see how that works.
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