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Oh Joyous Day! (Phone Keyboard related)


Oct 20, 2011
My favorite keyboard app for Android was an app called Shapewriter. It was a slide-your-finger keyboard in the style of Swype (though Shapewriter was around first). It was eventually discontinued and fans like myself made sure to keep the APK so that our rooted and modded phones would always benefit from it.

Then the GNex comes out. I happily install Shapewriter, and find that the bigger screen and higher resolution doesn't cut it anymore for this app. The keyboard is now, sadly, too small.

I sadly admitted I'd have to get used to Swype. A program that I've used a bit on my wife's phone and every single time I use it I realize how superior Shapewriter is to it when it comes to word prediction, correction, and speed. But then I find Swype isn't available for the GNex. Great.

I look at another called SlideIT. And it too isn't quite formatted for the GNex screen. On top of that, it doesn't auto-space after single-letter words (A, I, etc.). Any app that doesn't do that isn't an app of mine.

I was beginning to lose hope. I hate having to peck out words on a keyboard. Sliding is far more efficient and speedy once you are used to it.

I just learned today by chance that another company had purchased Shapewriter and incorporated it into their software. On top of that, reviews stated that it worked great on GNex. It cost 4.99 (didn't have a free trial that I coudl see) so I took a gamble.

FlexT9 is Shapewriter reincarnate! And it does indeed work great on the GNex! The keyboard fits beautifully in my big, hi-res screen! And, oh yes, it has all the Shapewriter goodness that I missed. Speed. Prediction. Correction. Learning.

If you're in the market for a good slide-your-finger keyboard, I'd strongly recommend giving this one a try. I am so glad Swype isn't available for GNex or I may have never found my old buddy again!


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