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Root OK, this is what i think we need now


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Jul 15, 2011
yall should know by now that the GREAT djrbliss, has ported Loki to the Motion, and my sister says he is great dancer

so we all owe him our gratitude, and donations if you can, http://goo.gl/zBGb0
so that he can buy some new bread gloves


for those that are just tuning in, this is what I know so far

we can boot from custom kernels and recoveries with lok files


we still have some major issues to address

1. data partition gets wiped when booting into recovery

there is code in the aboot file that will wipe you data partition if you boot into recovery, it does not matter which recovery you are using - stock, cwm, twrp, none

even if you mod the recovery.c to ignore the bootloader control block (BCB) (misc partition) it still wipes data, even if you zero out the recovery partition it wipes data

this function is not in the rom, cause if you have cm10 installed, same thing

it may be in the kernel source, but i doubt it

i think it is the aboot, here is why

if you install the LG Spirit aboot and a .lok recovery for the LG Spirit, this does not happen

problem is you can NOT boot into recovery from a powered off state like you can with the motion by hold power and vol down, it just does not work, the screen gets all messed up, and it does not respond to the keys, but adb reboot recovery will go into recovery, and some things will work

so this is what i think we need, and I probably will not be the one that makes it

a boot menu

we need to boot from the "BOOT" partition, and have it load a boot menu that gives a choice between, Android, recovery, boot from SD, options, defaults, etc. etc.





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