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once my phone was loud now i cant hear it

Ok so had my HTC desire for about 5months and when I got it it was loud. now I can hardly hear anything, my ring volume won't turn up and I am getting very angry. I have missed many alarms and been late for work, my music on there I can't put on loud speaker as I can't hardly hear it. Does anyone have a fix or am I going to have to put it in for repair.
Seems like a hardware problem. If you have blasting away your speakers at full volume for 5 months, no doubt it will get broken. And if you continue to do so after you get it repaired, it will get broken again. The good practice is to keep speakers playing only at 80% max if its going to go on playing for an extended period, or hook it up to external speakers.
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If they can go that loud then they should last, all manufacturs just grab your money all the time and never think, you know what let's give the customer something that will last. They should have put max really at 80% not 100%. I don't blast it out for hours just 20min at work setting shop up,20min bath and when I do the gardening every now and then. So angry as I don't want it fixed as I have heard some really nasty stuff about HTC customer care centres,taking peoples phones losing them,sending the wrong ones back etc....
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That goes for ALL speakers, not just the speakers on the phone. Even some technicians tell me to not push to max speakers. Even $1000 dollar speakers for clubs would break by keeping at max level for extended periods of time on amplified boosts. I actually was able to do this once ($1000 speaker in a club broken) since I boosted it up 3x amplified through software with the speakers on boost themselves. Of course those bigger speakers have better protection against such things like this than those tiny speakers on phones. There's really nothing to do about it other than learn to take care of your phone better.
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Whatever... Speakers don't "break" they blow. It's the voice coil or the cone that gets damaged, the surrounds can tear also. Its not like a battery that looses it charge capacity over time, if anything, they sound better once they "break in" I really doubt that the phone would or could overdrive the speaker. To me it sounds like an internal setting that got changed accidently. On my Galaxy S 2 there's a number Im supposed to be able to punch in that brings up a whole different "secret" settings screen where I can internally adjust theoretical max speaker output. I'd look into that for your phone if it was me...
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