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Optimus F6 or the F3?!

Which is better?! I know i can google it but i want to hear from the people who have used and experienced the phones... i'd like to know about battery life, multi tasking and performance

The F6 has a bigger screen. Half an inch bigger. It is about $50 more expensive but not too sure about that. The F3 has a smaller screen but a bigger battery than the F6. The F3 battery life is simply fantastic. It rivals those of the Note 3 and the LG G2. The F6 battery life is just average. Not bad but not great. As far as performance they are about the same. Same CPU and same ram. Both offer pretty good performance when you consider they are budget phones. Both handle multitasking pretty well. I spend more time with the F3 personally and it is a fantastic little phone for the price. Highly recommend it.
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