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Help Optimus is being a bad little phone


Nov 24, 2010
Had my Optimimus S for a couple of months now and have been loving it, these last few weeks its been doing some strange things, the phone turns off by itslef once in awhile, some widgets are dissapearing , getting horrible crackling noise from headset, anyone experience this, I tried resetting the phone and sd card, nothing, I dont have the stock sd card so I know its not the sd card problem that the optimus has.
You frequently need to shut down and restart your phone. I do it once a day. Also are you keeping your PRL updated for best signal quality? Also have you updated your profile in a while? What is your memory like? If you are getting low there are several ways to free up space that will make your phone perform better. I do all these steps on a regular basis and my phone is working great (knock on wood).
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