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Help organice my apps?

All applications installed on SD, after reBoot, disappear fron desktop!!!!

Why Samsung don't make a fix?

I JUST noticed this last night too! I have a rather complicated organized desktop which is geared to the way I think and work - and I woke up this morning, and not only were all the icons magically gone from the desktop (from apps installed on SD card), but out of nowhere the wifi was just "searching" over and over, yet it is always connected when I am home. All my other devices in the house have no issues, and I ran some tests so it's not my wifi. What this does is the device, on it's own, just flips over to 3G and starts using my data plan. NOT happy about these two issues at all - Samsung, this is really letting us down. I want to return this so badly.....

Does ANYONE have any idea about any workarounds to these things, please?


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