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Organising photos on Tab 2


Aug 21, 2012
Just bought a Tab 2 10.1. Nice piece of kit but so far not impressed with the software. I like to organise my photos & videos in to specific albums (folders). Tried everything on the tablet but without success and seems to lump everything in to either Camera or Bluetooth folders under the Gallery heading. Gives options to view under Albums, Locations, Time or Tags but Albums is very limited and Tags doesn't seem to work. Then have loaded up Kies on my PC and uploaded photos, organised them in to albums and even tagged them but downloading back on to tablet (which I couldn't do back in to Gallery via the Kies wireless link so had to use the cable!) they are all put in to Camera. Tried to select by Tags but still doesn't appear to recognise tags. Seems a straightforward task (which my HTC phone handles well) so anybody know how to do on this tablet?


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