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our 2 verizon phones, batteries were hot, ran down fast


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Jan 9, 2017
Couple days ago, our S4 Galaxy and an LG vs840, both phone batteries were very warm, and the phones were using a lot of power abnormally.
Then the next day back to normal for both phones.
Is there some common link such as Verizon network exercising the phones?
Interesting, we were out at the store and at home and all day the phones were like that, so something was happening everywhere we went that day.

Verizon network in our house, the signal has gotten worse. I used to have good connections and make calls in the house, now I see signal sometimes is gone, and have to go outside to talk. Even seen no service message. Used to have 2 bars inside, for past few months it is one bar, and sometimes no bars.
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It could be something else, but with 2 phones of different models simultaneously having the same problem the network is the obvious common factor, and poor reception is usually the thing that drives drain up.

Problems at a specific location could be due to them making changes to the network (e.g. locations of towers, shutting down of old frequencies, or even rolling out a new band which your phone gives higher priority to), or it could be a fault in one cell.
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