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Overheating Samsung Gear Vr


Feb 23, 2016
I am part of project 6freeze. Our team is working hard to solve the problem of overheating phones during the usage of VR sets. We came up with pretty simple but very stylish version of the heatsink. We are bringing a solution to keeping a mobile temperature low to save its durability and allow people to play games or watch movies for the unlimited time in any conditions. Right now we are finishing development and opinion of users is the key for us. If you wanna more information as photos or technical parameters or if you just wanna news about our progress, contact me on asch@6freeze.com
Here is also our web link: https://www.facebook.com/6freezee/?ref=hl
Without having to try to fabricate one for the S7 this looks like an interesting solution. Essentially it is just a play on the standard heat sinks. What kind of reductions are you witnessing with this device attached to the S6 and with the new "non-opening S7" case have you started looking at the S7 options?

For now I am keeping my cover off and limiting use to 2 hours or less (essentially a single movie).
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