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Help pc mount and ics 4.0.3 recovery black screen

When i was using gingerbread 2.3.4 (rooted), my nexus s is not connecting to pc. pc is not taking its driver. i tried so much by some adb driver and also Samsung's latest drivers. but still it is not connecting.

And also having this problem, i make a stupidity by upgrading to the official ics 4.0.3.

In ics 4.0.3 in bootloader mode it is showing black screen and still not connecting to pc. When i connect it shows as unknown device. And i update driver is takes as usb input device or HID-compliant consumer control device.

In 2.3.4 in have installed clockwork recovery mode

Ics 4.0.3 can't be root because of this problem..

Now i cant do any recovery without root bcoz it needs recovery mode. And cant connect to pc to act fastboot.

Plz give me some suggestions.


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