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Help Phone hang up incoming calls (sometimes can't answer at all)


Apr 26, 2014
I've had a Galaxy S4 for a while and recently I had some serious problems in answering calls.

First of all, sometime I can't answer the phone; someone's calling me, I see the answer screen but I simply can't do anything. Whatever I touch or push, just nothing happens, and I can't do anything except waiting for the call to end and call the person back. This happens in roughly 10% of the incoming calls.

Furthermore, even when I can answer the phone, the call will hang up after 5 seconds. EVERY TIME, Like clockwork. Someone's calling me, I pick up the phone, 5 seconds, call hanged up.
Interestingly enough - if they call me back immediately, this problem doesn't happen - the second time they call it will work properly.
This happens constantly, regardless of my location or anything else.

I'm very close to performing factory reset - I should note that the phone has loads of apps installed and quite busy. I have the latest software installed. I also use Solo Launcher if that matters to anyone.

Can you please help? Thanks :)


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