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Root Phone is stuck on rooted 2.0.1. How do I ge to 2.1?


Jan 11, 2010
My droids battery life has been miserable and overall the phone has been acting pretty flaky lately. I recently went back to rooted 2.0.1 after running the cyanagen rom. I re enabled OTA and want to just try stock 2.1 for now and see if it fixes my problems before I take it into verizon. After I enabled OTA's it downloaded the file and asked if I wanted to install the update which I said yes to. Phone shut down and restarted and ended up on the Clockwork Recovery screen. I said to reboot and the phone just comes back up in a rooted 2.0.1 version still. It says its running 2.0.1 and the system is up to date.

Whats the easiest way to get to 2.1 and unroot? Help please!
Well it did not succeed in the flash. About 5 minutes into the flashing through RSDLite this is what I get:


Currently the phone is still attached to the USB and I havent done anything since I received that error. I'm scared to unplug the phone and reboot it. How should I go from here? The phone is current sitting at the bootloader screen.
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been awhile since I gave an update as the problems keep continuing (laptop crashed and finally got it going again)

I appreciate all of the help but unfortunately I seem to be stuck in about the same place as before except now the phone is unrooted (or so it says when I try and run droidmod). I installed droid mod and went back to stock 2.01 with out root. Everything went smooth. The phone still says it is up to date but when you view the about phone is shows it is running 2.0.1. Any idea's on where to go from here? I really just want to get the phone back to stock for a while and see if my phone becomes more stable again. Thanks again for all of the help!
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