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Help phone not seeing Pics and music from SD card


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Feb 11, 2011
Newport News, Va
rebooted this morning now the phone is not seeing my pics or my music that is on the SD card. If i go into root explorer or plug it into my PC everything is there. My apps i've moved to the SD card work though. Kind of a pill since i've got ringtones on the SD card Any help would be great.

Edit: I've rebooted several times, and pulled the SD card and put it back in. I've unmounted it and remounted it. I can play the music or look at pics in root explorer, and through the PC.
ahh the dreaded 'nomedia' file. Useful in some applications, but a nuisance in others. Any idea how it got there?

no clue. everything worked last night, updated clockwork mod app(do i need the app or can i delete it) and it stopped working. searched the whole android forum saw someone mention it on another phone went searching and it was there. cussed, deleted it opened gallery and everything was working.
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just an update... This has to be some with the Rom manager update. I just had the same issue, none of the media was working from the sd card. Checked for and deleted the nomedia file from the root of the asd card. Did a power off and on, now all works well. I didnt realize i still had RM on my phone and it updated yesterday.

I had rebooted after i updated RM. I wonder what they updated to add that file.
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ivehad this happen on mine and my dads spec... with the pictures... gallery ics does the trick for me.. free on the market... and i think it looks better than the stock gallery....

ive always used the miui music that i included in the plagued optimus rom... it searches the sd for music files.. and has an otion to hide files under a certain size.. so no problems with ringtones playing with your music... and it hides most of the small skits intros and outros.. very useful if you copy whole albums to your sd
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One good thing about it phone is that it scans the sd card each time the os is rebooted...not all phones do that. But if there's a 'nomedia' file in the folder of the media, the os skips the folder. It's important to determine why there was a nomedia a file placed at all.... They're usually manually placed by apps and people, not inherent to a rom.
i can 100% support this claim, but i do believe that it was somehting included in the last rom manger update. I am only determining that from the info artcwolf posted about updating the app then having the issue.

edit: solved. just noticed another update to rom manager. checked the changelog and here is what i found.

What's in this version: Fix bug that places .nomedia file in the wrong directory if directories are missing.
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i saw the update this morning and updated it, didn't read the change logs. I'd already deleted the nomeda file as well.

MrB, i do like that it scans on reboot, i had noticed that it didn't take any time at all when it did the scan and that was bothering me as well, it's what tipped me off to look in root of the SD for the file. I was even using SDrescan and it was done in a second as it usually takes several.

Mistake on Koush's part, he's human we make mistakes, at least he fixed it.
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