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Phone Only Alert Option


Nov 22, 2009
Because of my job, I have to be able to answer phone calls at night, but do not want to be disturbed by text messages/emails/etc. On my BB Storm I was able to use the "Phone Only" alert group at night to accomplish this. Is there a way to make this happen on my Droid? Maybe with a 3rd party app?

I did some searching, but couldn't find anything. TIA.
You could also use Locale (an app in the Market) to set notifications to silent but allow calls at another volume. With Locale you could do this manually, or on a set schedule automatically.

I use Locale to automatically set my volume to zero and enable vibrate between 9pm and 6am. As an override to this, I also disable vibrate if the phone is charging during these hours.

Locale is free.
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I was hoping to find an answer for this. There are times (like at night) when I need to be able to receive calls, but don't want notifications. I have turned off notifications using what comes on the Droid, but the first message still makes noise...after that, it's silent. But I was hoping for a quick switch for designated situations.
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Hey there, I am a former Blackberry user, too, and had the same initial frustration: I wanted profiles; one for phone and all alerts, another for phone only, one for all vibrate, and another for all silent.

The solution that I found was the app Quick Profiles. It allows you to create any profile that you'd like, with a desktop (homescreen) shortcut. I have four profiles: 1. Normal (everything rings and makes noise), 2. Phone Only, 3. Vibrate, and 4. Silent. FYI, even on Phone Only, Vibrate, and Silent, my alarm clock goes off.

It's really helpful a helpful app. Here's a link: Quick Profiles v1.6.0.1 Application for Android | Tools

Also, for what it is worth, I prefer this app to location- or time-dependent apps because it is completely in my control. There are times at work when I go back and forth between noise and no noise settings.
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What's nice about locale is that it takes everything a step further. I don't want to have to manually select profiles. You can set profiles based on time of day, day of the week, GPS location, etc. I never even think about it!! Not only does it adjust volumes for everything on my Droid, it also helps me save power by turning on/off things like wifi, bluetooth, etc. Plus locale has plugins for other situations as well. Worth every penny they are charging for it.
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