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Help Phone stuck in Samsung logo screen


Nov 2, 2010
Hey all,

I have this problem with my Samsung Galaxy Spica (Android 2.1) since a week ago.

The problem started when it took a long time for me to get into the homescreen of the phone on startup, and I was having problems viewing contact list or the messaging application or when I go settings->application-> managing application. The phone keep booting me back to homescreen when I tried to access those pages.

When I reboot the phone, it took really a long time(around 15mins), and some luck because I had to try a few times to get into the homescreen. The problem still exists with the contact list/messaging app/managing application page. Other apps seem to work fine.

Then, I tried to switch to another homescreen, was on LauncherPro and I tried to switch to Pantheon. It seem to be broken and the screen goes blank and on, and Pantheon couldn't load. I press the home button, and I managed to get back to LauncherPro. So, thinking that the homescreen may be the problem, I made Pantheon the default homescreen again.

But to my despair, when I restart the phone, it still won't get past the Samsung logo and this time the problem seemed worse. After trying for hours yesterday, I managed to boot it past the Samsung screen, and I hard reset the phone by keying *2767*3855# in dialpad, in hope that a reset will get my phone working again. However, it still didn't work..... And I'm still left with a phone that is stucked on the Samsung logo.

Anyone have any solution to it? Anyway I can reset/flash everything in the phone, because maybe there is some corrupted files?


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