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Phone turns off and doesn't turn on unless battery is removed and inserted back


Sep 7, 2011
Hi All,

I bought the p500 OP1 a week back and 2 days back updated it with 2.3.3. from PC suite. Now very frequently the phone turns off and will not turn on unless the battery is removed and inserted it back. It happened more than 10 times in last 2 days. I have removed all the application I installed from market and still no effect. I have a 2gb factory fitted SD card and have aroung 500 MB of songs and nothing else in the memory card.

Please help me in solving this :(

Sriharsha Nadahalli

I also bought it 10-12 days back.

Even I am facing the same prob ...though i have updated my LG P500 to 2.3.3 from service center.

But I remember that this issue has happened 2-3 times before updating it.

I dont know...bcoz of installing some apps this is happening or something else.

Please let me know if anybody has some idea on it.

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