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Phones wi-fi is cut when phone goes to sleep


Hope someone can help.

This problem is really doing my head in but I can't seem to find a solution.
Whenever my phone goes to sleep and the screen goes black, the wi-fi connection is cut. When I wake my phone, the connection is restored.

I've tried looking at all the settings (normal and advanced) but there doesn't appear to be one that stops the phone from cutting the wi-fi when it goes to sleep.

Can someone point me to where I should be looking or advise what setting I should enable/disable, please?

Many thanks.
Does it switch to mobile data, or does it just lose internet connection completely?

I'm wondering whether you should be looking in power saving features rather than network, since this is connected to the screen going off? Unfortunately I don't have a Samsung, so don't know what options they might include, but just thought it might be worth looking in power setting or any "system tuning" type settings the phone might have.
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Try looking into your phone's Settings menu a bit deeper, the 'Keep WiFi on during sleep' menu options is likely to be buried in a submenu or a contextual menu.
-- At the top or bottom of your WiFi menu is there anything like a three-dot icon, a gear icon, or a hamburger menu (three horizontal lines)? Tap on it, depending on your phone model and which version of Android its currently running, there are often submenus that reveal additional options and info.
-- Also, try long-pressing on the current WiFi network entry your phone is connected to. This should show a contextual menu with more options.
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