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PhoneScoop Review

Mini and micro HDMI definitely are not the same. Micro (Type D) is smaller than mini (Type C), but both were designed for handheld portable electronics with most pre-Evo devices using Type C.

If someone who has one can comment on the measurement width, we can clear this up. Micro (Type D) is 6.4mm x 2.8mm which is approximately half the size of Mini Type D at 10.42mm x 2.42. Not many devices have the new Micro so Evo could be among the first to use it if it has it. Size-wise it's similar to micro-USB.
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all his nitpicking made me wanna punch a baby. i thought the video he took of the pool was pretty good, but he thought it was terrible. i thought he was gonna rip the EVO a new one in his "verdict" or "summary" section, but he surprised me by saying he liked it for the most part.

I didnt get thru the whole review, BUT right off the bat I could tell that the EVO just wasnt the phone for the reviewer.

Its kinda hard to give an unglaring review, when right off the bat you want to mention how you dont like capacitive buttons, and want actual hardware on there.

Not saying the review is all bad...but once the reviewer gave their opinion first just on the look...I knew they wouldnt like the phone that much. Yes, to some people its still about the look and not the technology.

And battery life I am not worried about at all...if you know you are not in a 4G area, or just outside of one, why would you leave the 4G radio on?
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