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Playing music from Music Folder on phone


May 28, 2021
I have been able to have music play from my phones music folder when simply connected to my trucks Sync-3 system via USB. However, once I setup Android Auto on the phone, and used the Android Auto of Sync-3, while I gained all the functionality of MAPS, Contacts, Messages, etc., BUT seem to have lost the ability to simply play music that's stored on the phones music-folder. I can play music from various music services, but not the pre-stored music on the phone.

Does anyone know how I might be able to include the capability of playing music from the phones music-folder using the Android Auto APP?

Thanks X
The creative minds at Google, I believe...
It does some things great and some things horrible....

I was just perusing the apps available for Android Auto, unfortunately Pulsar doesn't appear to be listed. It's possible Pulsar maybe recognized even if it's not listed.
UPDATE: Just read that Pulsar does support Android Auto.

Not sure yet if any of the other music apps listed play from local folders.

Deezer says it supports Offline music, but that may be only after you've downloaded from a paid service.

Do you have any familiarity with the Rocket Music Player; it appears to suggest that it can play from local folders through Android Auto? I have an inquiry sent to the company.
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A friend uses Rocket, I've not heard him complain or say he has issues. I use PowerAmp and it works just fine (paid version). I'm guessing there are a decent number of apps to try, I'm just not up to date on them.

Thanks for replying. My main concern is will a given Android Auto compatible music player, play music that I've placed in my phones local music folder. It appears that Pulsar may, and Rocket may; I'll probably just need to try them.
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