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Pro / real world reviews of the Nexus Player

Its here!

Quick first impression:

Everything except gaming is fantastic. Every game I have played so far has made the player reboot spontaneously (badland, riptide 2, bombswuad, hungry shark evolution, beach buggy racing, minion rush, sky force 2014). Not too happy about that. Graphics are pretty good, controller, etc. all work well. The included remote, as stated in many reviews, appears to be quite cheap. The controller is much better quality.
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I agree: not too thrilled with the remote.

Nor am I happy with the EXTREMELY limited number of apps available for it... except GAMES, maybe... including a glaring absence of support for Amazon Prime Instant Video. So the old Google TV, still running Android 3.2, stays because it supports Amazon. The new guy, running Android 5, is on its own input for Netflix and eventually whatever we buy on Google.

So now we're up at 2 AM (we couldn't sleep), and I'm training the technologically-declined Darling Bride on operating the Nexus Player... as well as a whole new entertainment system. We had the last one for 3 years and she never learned it :rolleyes:
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I've had a Nexus Player since last Tuesday and an ADT-1 since Google IO. Here's a quick and dirty take away. The Nexus Player and Android TV are not for everyone. I believe a Chromecast is for everyone. It's low cost streaming device that is very simple to use. A Nexus Player is for someone that likes to play games or prefer using apps on a big screen to find entertainment content versus using your phone or tablet to find it. I'm not a huge gamer, but my son and I are loving the Nexus Player for gaming right now. Would I buy one for every TV? No. If you like to do a little Android gaming you may buy one for your main TV then use a Chromecast on every other TV in your house.
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